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Gear I use

Let's be clear

I guess you spotted that I was a canon user. If you are a canoniste Great and if you are from other brands, even better. Nowadays image quality is pretty much the same from one brand to another. Don’t break the bank in order to switch brands if your only motive is that you think the image quality will be better. Better to invest in a good lens than a good camera, remember this. You can get incredible results using an entry level camera with a good lens. As well as you can get a terrible result using the flagship DSLR of a brand coupled with an entry-level lens. What you should look at when choosing a camera are the ergonomics, the accessibility of the features and the sensor SIZE.

But beyond all of this ,YOU are the key to incredible captures

Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x

Well… it is as good as canon claims it is. I had the chance to take this lens on a safari in Tanzania for one week. Most of the wildlife pictures on this site have been taken with this lens.

The handling feels great, rock solid! It is bulky but can be handheld for a short amount of time. I used it mostly supported on a beanbag.

The focus is fast, never missed a shot because of it, even when the extender is engaged, focusing is still fast.

Given that the extender is especially made for this lens even engaged at 560mm the image is impressively sharp.

I can attest that the lens is worth its price but will remain out of the reach of lots of photographers because of it. But do you need a lens like this 7/7?

I recommend to rent this lens if you are only planning to use it 3 week a year. Or if you are okay with the idea of leaving 10K in your house 350 day a year then go ahead.

Take a look at the performance 

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